Our new Coerver® Coaching program, The Performance Academy, is perfect for business people that want to get into football and football people that want to get into business.

The Performance Academy is a premium coaching business that provides an unrivalled level of support for licensees, from a coaching and business perspective.

What are the criteria for becoming a licensee?

There are 2 main sets of criteria that need to be met in order to become a licensee.

1.Coaching: The director of Coaching must be a minimum AFC C license as well as a Diploma in Coerver Coaching Youth Development. Other coaches within their program must have minimum of a senior license qualification as well as a Diploma in Coerver Coaching Youth Development. All coaches must be successfully vetted by police and social services and pass our child protection policy.

2.Business: Coerver Asia Pacific will provide all potential licensees with a business plan template to fill out which will help you decide if there is an opportunity in your area and provide you with a road map to starting your business.

In addition to this it is good business practice to do as much research as you can in terms of access to facilities, competition, local relationships with schools/clubs/players etc. All of our licensees have found this a very useful first step in setting up their business. With our support we want all of our licensees to build successful, sustainable long term businesses.

  • What territories are available & what is the cost?

    Territories are segmented by city or region. Big cities like Singapore, Tokyo, etc are often divided into more than 1 territory.
    Territories that are not in cities will be negotiated on a case by case basis in relation to the business plan.

  • How long does the Licensee agreement last for?

    A minimum of 3 years with an automatic 2 year extension if KPI's are met by the licensee and Coerver® Coaching Asia Pacific.

    The agreement protects both parties and covers all eventualities.

    Running Coerver® Coaching’s Performance Academy is a full time career.

  • I don't have a lot of experience with IT, will that be a problem?

    IT will play a big part in your business through the Customer Relationship System which will effectively run your business.

    Coerver Coaching Asia Pacifc have built a bespoke system that provides a transparent overview on all the information you need e.g. Customer information, financial transactions, weekly scheduling, staff records, documentation storage and player/ parent feedback.

  • I have never run a football business before, is that a problem?

    Of course it helps if you have run your own business before, we want our licensees to concentrate on two main things which are
    Developing their businesses and delivering world class coaching.

    We believe that our support package is perfect for people with a football background that want to get into business, as well as business people that want to get into football.

    Our comprehensive Operations Manual provides a detailed, user friendly guide to every aspect of your business.

    We will also hold two days of business training per year as well as weekly webinars that can address any of your business, operations or coaching issues.

    The most important point is that you work hard and have an entrepreneurial spirit.

  • Can I become a qualified Coerver® Coach without taking a license?

    Please click here to contact Coerver® Coaching Asia Pacific